Doug Collins Builds UX Communities at Work, Locally, and World Wide

Doug specializes in User Experience research and design, accessibility, and ethical design principals.  He uses his following in the industry to teach best practices to UX professionals around the world through conference talks and social media interactions.

Doug has created experiences for a wide variety of prominent organizations, including E-TRADE, The Denver Broncos Football Club, Marriott International, and the Nordstrom, among others.  He is the editor of, and his writing has appeared in publications from Adobe, UXMastery, Userzoom, and UXBooth.  He lives in Denver, Colorado, where he’s a UX/UI Engineer for CACI, Int.

Doug has built a reputation as an energetic, positive, and uplifting speaker and mentor within the UX community both locally and internationally.  He is the founder and leader of The NUXers, a Denver-based group aimed at giving new UX professionals the skills they need to be successful in the business world.  He also runs daily UX discussions on Twitter using the #uxtalk hashtag to engage UXers from around the world in thoughtful conversations covering every aspect of the UX design profession.  He was named one of the Top 50 E-Commerce Experts to Watch in 2020 by the Ecomm Manager.

What the UX World Says About Doug

Nick Finck, Lead UXDI Instructor and Distinguished Faculty Member at GA

“You continuously help grow others in the most positive way. You encourage everyone to be the best they can and push themselves. Your leading of countless thoughtful discussions has been extremely helpful to not only myself but many here and afar. You’re an influential member of the design community that brings positive energy and thoughtful discussion to all who you engage with.”

Joe Natoli, UX Speaker, Consultant, and Teacher of 140,000+ UX professionals

“You understand that the questions matter more than the answers, and are willing to do the deep digging to get to what’s worth doing. Your kindness, generosity, integrity and dedication to your craft are extremely rare — making you truly valuable to any student, team or client.”

Brian Riedinger, Web Product Development Lead, CACI, Int.

“I appreciate your flexibility and willingness to help out, to apply any of your many skills. Starting with next to nothing of a UX dept, you used what you had and did what you could. All the while keeping your eye on a better process with more rigor to let the org grow.”

Russ Troester, UX Designer

“You have been an inspiration for me since I decided to get into UX.”

Grant Yarborough, UX Strategist and Consultant

“Thank you, Doug Collins,  for shepherding a community of current and future ux professionals to grow the discipline and give us opportunities to learn from each other and expand our individual and collective knowledge.”

Allison Herbert, Project Management, Content Strategy, and UX Professional

“Appreciate your honesty, transparency and humbleness in your recommendations and advice for other UXers trying to find their space in the community. You’ve helped me grow as a professional!”

Tom Jepson, UX Consultant, Workshop, and Design Sprint Facilitator

“You’re a positive force, encouraging everyone to contribute to the UX conversation. Every time I log into Twitter I see something that provokes thought and actively engages me to join in, without fear of judgment or criticism. Thanks, Doug.”

Don Hill, NN/g UX Master Certified UX Professional and Digital Marketer

“You’ve provided a forum for so many of us to stay actively engaged in UX with an opportunity to have a voice and to share ideas with like minds. It’s especially important to me as a team of one. Thank you.”

Morry Ein Dor, Head of Design, Graduway

“You bring mind provoking discussions and deep UX issues to all parts of the world, and I enjoy going through them and close the gap. You also do this in a humble manner making everyone feel comfortable and welcome, and I appreciate that as well.”

Maia Singletary, Lead Web Developer, G2

“I’ve been a follower for a while and though I’ve moved more towards the engineering side of the process, your contributions help to keep me connected and thinking about the entire UX experience for the products I ultimately help build!”

Jonathan Coen, UX Designer

Most [of your daily] questions find their way into conversations with my team. They’ve helped us get to know each other better and build trust in each other’s ideas.”

Otobong Okoko, Product Designer, Doubble

“I returned to Twitter looking for Design Leads to learn from their network. From the first day I followed you, I bookmarked every design resource you shared, read through any thread you liked & retweeted because there’s knowledge & well of knowledge. You’ve been an inspiration.”

Filip Brocke, Creative Director & Lead Product Designer, GmbH

“Reading Doug‘s contributions shows me a big amount of empathy and positive attitude on the author’s side towards making user experiences better in general. I feel better and often confirmed in my professional actions since I follow him – seriously!”