My name is Doug Collins, and I believe UX can make the world a better place.

Born and raised in Denver, I have vowed to use my skills to bring ethical and accessible user experiences to the world.

I have a passion for sharing my knowledge, growing talent in the UX community, and doing what I can to make the world a better place – one interaction at a time.

I make experiences useful, interesting, and informative for all.  My goal is to make information and procedures accessible, intuitive, and thought-provoking.

Talking E-Sports, Design Team Structures, and Accessibility with Vitalik Demin

My podcast setup - a computer, a microphone, and a glass of wine.

Had a great time talking UX, Agile, e-sports, and accessibility with Vitalik Demin. It was an honor to be on the show, and I hope you’ll enjoy the conversation.

I’m on Kim Komando’s podcast, talking about UX, dark patterns, and how UX can make the world a better place.

Kim Komando

It was an honor to talk with Kim Komando about the tricks that websites use to keep us engaged and sometimes act against our own best interests. While I’d definitely recommend giving the full episode a listen, you can catch my piece starting about 3.5 minutes into the show.

My Piece about REI’s Hiking Project App Featured on Adobe’s Blog

I was thrilled to be asked by Adobe to contribute a short piece for their blog, writing on the topic of an app I love.  Check out why I chose to talk about REI’s Hiking Project app, and just what makes it so awesome for modern day explorers worldwide.

Making UX Work Podcast w/ Joe Natoli - There is No Plan B

There is No Plan B – My Appearance on Joe Natoli’s “Making UX Work” Podcast

I recently had the opportunity to record an episode of “Making UX Work,” one of my favorite podcasts, with one of my absolute favorite UX professionals,  Joe Natoli.  Our conversation revolves around the long odds I beat to get into the UX world, my design philosophy, and my belief that UX is a discipline that’s accessible to all walks of life.

I hope you’ll check out the podcast, subscribe to future episodes, and take something positive from the episode.

My first online class, Accessibility for UX Design, is available on Skillshare!

Get access to the full class – along with thousands of others AND 2 free months of Skilshare Premium – when you sign up at

How to survive as a solo UXer

My Article for UXMastery, How to Survive as a Solo UXer, is now live!

Landing a job as a company’s only user experience pro is an amazing opportunity. It means having the ability to shape and guide the design of an entire organisation. As a UX team of one, you’re part of a small group of pros at the coal face of an entire organisation’s design strategy.

Leading an organisation from this role is also a major challenge. It’s hard work implementing a UX focus in a company where none exists. There will be battles against corporate biases, conflicting business needs, and results-driven culture.

In such a difficult position, how can a UXer go about creating a culture of great user experience?

Read “How to Survive as Your Company’s Solo UXer” at