My Journey is My Story

My journey into the world of user experience design began as a call center representative for Nordstrom’s credit card division.  We had a tough job, and weren’t always given the tools we needed to be effective.

Working between phone calls using Notepad and Internet Explorer, I designed, coded, and tested my own tool to make my job easier.  I eventually pitched this idea to Nordstrom Bank’s C-Level leadership team, who charged me with implementing the tool company-wide.

Ever since, I’ve spent my days designing world-class user experiences.

My time with Holland Square Group/Four Winds Interactive gave me experience designing and developing for a wide variety of industries.  My work for them is currently featured in educational institutions, sports entertainment venues, government facilities, and hospitality headquarters worldwide.

I currently work at CACI, Inc., working on projects within the Intelligence Community that help keep our country safe.

UI/UX Systems Engineer – CACI, Intl.

Feb 2019 – Present | Aurora, CO

  • Applied deisgn skills to support the team with the development of UI/UX (Color, Design, Visual Weight, etc.)
  • Supported multiple customers with varying needs and priorities.
  • Worked with all level of the team from Developers and Managers, to Customers Representatives and Users in a positive and professional manner.
  • Assisted the team breakdown and solution for all UI and UX customer requirements.
  • Created custom UI elements such as gradients, svg-s, png-s, and etc. to support developers as needed.
  • Organized content from multiple sources into clear and actionable documentation, designs, and wireframes.
  • Defiend user types/groups and then recognized user workflows and needs with in each user type/group.

UX Engineer – E*TRADE

Feb 2016 – Feb 2019 | Centennial, CO

tca by E*TRADE is a financial custodian that offers an online trading and client management platform to registered financial advisors.

  • Sole UX Engineer responsible for re-designing existing web app and creating new features.
  • Working with multiple business teams to conduct wireframing, sketching, and whiteboarding sessions, creating user flows, process flows, and site maps to build culture of world-class user experience.
  • Conducting user, A/B, and other testing methods throughout design process to ensure top-quality iterative design.
  • Analyzing objective data to identify and rectify pain points and areas of opportunity within application.

Owner / Web Developer & Designer – 5280 Creative Studios

1998 – Present | Littleton, CO


  • Designed and developed in-depth informational website for Lone Star Fire Specialties (Bastrop, TX) to advertise newly-invented mobile fire pump technology to industry and non-industry investors.
  • Used WordPress to quickly setup optimized website for SuperTutorTV.com.
  • Worked with a wide variety of other clients to understand needs and develop scaled-to-fit web solutions.

Senior Sign Developer & Team Lead – Holland Square Group / Four Winds Interactive

Dec 2013 – Jan 2016 | Denver, CO

Four Winds Interactive is a digital signage company.  Their software is used to create everything from the TV-sized touchscreens at hotels that show you nearby dining options to the large marquees on the Vegas strip.  

  • Worked as project manager to take clients from initial concept to completed, implemented creative design.
  • Performed numerous design review sessions with clients, with goal of refining proposed design to meet clients expectations and priorities.
  • Used Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to create UI/UX interfaces to create compelling interactive and non-interactive signage layouts.
  • Worked with internal and external stakeholders to uphold clients strategic planning initiatives.
  • Used Bootstrap, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, CSS and HTML to design customized, internal Project Management and Time Tracking system.
  • Traveled on-site to clients to oversee and manage digital signage hardware implementation and networks setup.
  • Worked as project manager on multiple projects to ensure all clients received deliverables in a timely manner.
  • Used proprietary Content Management System, XML, SQL, HTML, CSS and other technologies to design, develop, and implement digital signage networks and content for world-class clients.

Software Engineer – Nordstrom

May 2013 – Dec 2013 | Centennial, CO

My work with Nordstrom was for their credit division, referred to as Nordstrom fsb (federal savings bank).  Under this brand, Nordstrom offered everything from credit cards to debit accounts, checking accounts, money market products, and more.

  • Developed and maintained PHP and MySQL based internal communications system encompassing department home pages, message boards and Wikis, leading to a proven cost savings at least $700,000 in call center productivity annually.
  • Designed, coded and maintained PHP and MySQL intensive business tools to track topics discussed during each of the six million calls handled by customer service representatives annually, resulting in vastly improved Business Intelligence and directly influencing a wide variety of policies and procedures.

Career Development Program – Nordstrom

Jan 2013 – May 2013 | Centennial, CO

  • Served as Scrum Master of an Agile development team working to provide business solutions to Nordstroms credit division.
  • Presented business case to senior management for restructuring of outdated internal communications systems, leading to a vastly more secure and efficient systems.

Learning Design Developer – Nordstrom

Jul 2012 – Jan 2013 | Centennial, CO

  • Used HTML5, CSS3 and other modern coding languages and techniques to enhance and maintain companys internal websites.
  • Designed and developed PHP-based replacement for companys internal procedural manual, leading to substantially lowered call times and improved customer service for Nordstroms credit division call center employees.
  • Developed interactive training modules and mock systems using HTML5 and Adobe Creative Suite.

Corporate Trainer – Nordstrom

Aug 2011 – Jul 2012 | Centennial, CO

Lead Customer Service Representative – Nordstrom

Apr 2009 – Aug 2011 | Centennial, CO and Santa Ana, CA

Creator, Developer, and Content Producer – BroncosInsider.com

Jul 2008 – Nov 2010 | Denver, CO

  • Created, developed and maintained enterprising Denver Broncos-dedicated website
  • Grew substantial online readership with limited marketing budget

New Media and Production Intern – The Denver Broncos Football Club

Jul 2004 – Jan 2005 | Centennial, CO

  • Lead teams initial research into social networking, resulting in team becoming a leader in the leagues initial social-networking push.
  • Maintained various sections of teams site using proprietary content management system (CMS)
  • Wrote articles and shot video for NFL.com, Gameday program, DenverBroncos.com.

Volunteer & Mentorship Work

Founder & Facilitator – NUXers – A Meetup Group for New Design Professionals

Mar 2019 – Present | Denver, CO

From the meetup.com group description:

“This group is focused on those who are new to the world of User Experience. Whether you’re working your first UX gig, studying to get into the field, or simply contemplating a career change, we want to help make the transition into the UX world.

“We aim to bring in prominent UX professionals in the Denver area to share their knowledge. We also look to give the next wave of UXers an opportunity to meet and network with new and experienced professionals in a relaxed and fun environment.

Facilitators Doug Collins and Chris Lenhart have decades of combined experience with User Experience and here to help you get rolling on the next step in your career.”