I talk UX and Product Management with Pavel Samsonov and Vitalik Demin

Someone does design-y things on a whiteboard.

“In this episode, legendary UX designers @DougCollinsUX and @PavelASomsonov join me in the very first three-way podcast conversation. We originally planned to talk about how UX designers deal with Product Owners but quickly pivoted into the subject of what career options UX designers have these days, Product Owner being one of them. This discussion was really great and we also kept it short and sweet at 30ish minutes. We would love to hear any questions or comments that you guys may have! Thank you for tuning in!”

Check out the episode and let me know what you think!

I’m back on Vitalik Demin’s podcast, discussing what’s the X is the ROI of UX? (it’s more than 1X)

Working on a podcast.

“Today Doug Collins and I discussed a rather important topic — return on investment of user experience design. This is very often either not properly understood by executive decision makers or plain neglected. We talk about real life examples with high level numbers, left brain and right brain folks, liberal arts, and more. We would absolutely love your feedback on that one! Hope you enjoy it! Thank you for tuning in!”

Talking E-Sports, Design Team Structures, and Accessibility with Vitalik Demin

My podcast setup - a computer, a microphone, and a glass of wine.

Had a great time talking UX, Agile, e-sports, and accessibility with Vitalik Demin. It was an honor to be on the show, and I hope you’ll enjoy the conversation.

I’m on Kim Komando’s podcast, talking about UX, dark patterns, and how UX can make the world a better place.

Kim Komando

It was an honor to talk with Kim Komando about the tricks that websites use to keep us engaged and sometimes act against our own best interests. While I’d definitely recommend giving the full episode a listen, you can catch my piece starting about 3.5 minutes into the show.

Making UX Work Podcast w/ Joe Natoli - There is No Plan B

There is No Plan B – My Appearance on Joe Natoli’s “Making UX Work” Podcast

I recently had the opportunity to record an episode of “Making UX Work,” one of my favorite podcasts, with one of my absolute favorite UX professionals,  Joe Natoli.  Our conversation revolves around the long odds I beat to get into the UX world, my design philosophy, and my belief that UX is a discipline that’s accessible to all walks of life.

I hope you’ll check out the podcast, subscribe to future episodes, and take something positive from the episode.